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  1. Decide to Be Healthy!: Decide this moment to be healthy and fit.  Every morning decide that you will be healthy and will follow the fundamentals of good health.
  2. Condition Your Mind to Health:  Health comes to those who think in terms of health.  Use affirmations and resolutions to condition your mind to health as if you have already achieved good health.
  3. Eat Healthy:  Eat plenty of vegetables and fruits.  Limit your intake of fat, refined sugar, salt, carbonated drinks, tinned and preserved food and drink items, fast food, etc.  East whole grain cereals and plenty of fiber.
  4. Exercise Regularly:  Unless you are interested in bodybuilding, moderately strenuous exercise would also do.  In this respect Yoga is best as it does not tire and exercises all external and internal organs.  Since many people find regular exercise boring, it is best to play some game.  One would  never like to miss it!
  5. Be Active!:  Though this could be a part of Exercise Regularly above, it is being mentioned separately because of its important.  Today most of the people are in sedentary jobs.  It is, therefore, very necessary to keep the body extra exercise by way of little bits of activities which add up to substantial exercise?go for morning or evening walk, walk or cycle to work or at least park your car one or two blocks away and walk the remaining distance, take the stairs instead of the lift, go for trekking or nature walk, avail of swimming facility in your community, get up frequently from your work table and stretch and bend.
  6. Live naturally and near Nature:  Nature is very good for happiness and health.  Live as naturally and as near nature as possible.   Eat natural food and go for natural therapy rather than gulping down pills for minor ailments.  Fast at least once a week.
  7. Be Happy!:  Always be happy and have a positive attitude towards life.  Never worry about small worldly things and especially imaginary diseases. 
  8. Adopt a Regular Life Style:  A regular routine is good for health.  Get up and sleep at regular hours, eat food at regular hours, and exercise regularly.  It is better to sleep early and get up early rather than keeping late hours.  Within the regular life, however, diversify your food and exercises.  In fact, occasional lapses (eating fatty food, skipping exercise) in strict military regime don?t matter much.
  9. Enjoy Life:  Life is not to be led like a monk or health fanatic.  Health is not the ultimate aim of life.  Enjoy life to the fullest within the parameters of good health.  Good health and enjoyment are not opposed to each other. 
  10. Keep away from Bad Habits:  Keep away from smoking, excessive drinking, drugs, laziness, inactivity, pessimism, negativism, etc. 




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health fundamentals | health quotes | health articles | health food | health yoga | health naturopathy | health products | health links